Réalisation du site web d’un hôtel de luxe
The Challenge

Rodos Park, a luxury boutique hotel in the city of Rhodes, needed their website redesigned in order to perform better.

The new website had to be fresh and modern while clearly communicating to the hotel’s discerning international clientele the luxurious air of the property as well as the whole range of its services and facilities that also cater for the local community of the famed island. Competing with hundreds of other properties for organic search results, the website had to be keyword rich, and mobile friendly, as the search algorithms changed to favor mobile friendly and responsive websites.

Finally, conversions (clicks to booking engine) and upselling were two more requirements to be taken into account, as both were key goals set by the client for the redesign.

The Solution

Interweave designed a modern website with classical elements that visually captures the essence of Rodos Park Suites and Spa. Within the various templates developed for the business’ different aspects (rooms, suites, restaurant and bar options), the upselling area remains a constant that aims to remind visitors that there’s more to do at Rodos Park. A full page main menu simplifies navigation as it presents all the options in a non-hierarchical way, making it easier to find the information the user is looking for and minimizing the number of clicks required to access it. The booking functionality features prominently in all pages and takes up special place in the rooms and suites pages, making the booking process a breeze. Finally, impressive above-the-fold photo galleries adorn all product pages as well as most other pages, integrating the photo browsing function (traditionally fulfilled in a specific page in hotel websites) with the visitor’s experience, adding yet another layer of information in his/hers visit.

Under the hood, the special theme developed for the project makes site administration easy and trouble-free, especially important as content updates will be handled by the hotel team, while the SEO and translation modules help them keep the multilingual content SEO ready and in order.
Interweave developed SEO-ready texts for the site in four languages, having done an SEO audit and keyword analysis on the hotel, its competitors and keyword searches relating to travel to Rhodes. In addition, meta-information was developed for all pages for two of the four languages (and translated for the other two).

Finally, the site is fully functional on mobile and tablet devices, as a mobile and responsive version were developed as well.

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July 2015
Even in the first six months of the new site being on air, the results are impressive as the SEO, technical and design aspects of the project are already delivering the desired results, producing substantial increases in KPIs such as increase in organic visits (+14.61%) and increase visits from mobile devices (+135.05%). Given that the site was launched in the middle of the greek tourism season, and that it may take up to a year for the full effect of the redesign to show up in comparable KPIs, Interweave is certain that the 12 month evaluation will be stellar!
Jul 26, 2015 - Jan 11, 2016
compare to previous year
Jul 26, 2014 - Jan 11, 2015
increase in visits
increase in visits
from mobile
increase in visits
from United Kingdom
increase in visits
from Israel
increase in unique visitors
increase in visits
from Organic Search
increase in visits
from United States
increase in visits
from France
Never underestimate the effect of a great design!
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