Refonte totale du site d’une marque alimentaire pour placer l’utilisateur au cœur de l’expérience
A total reshape of a food brand website with user at the forefront of the experience


Horio website is ever-growing, content wise, since its first launch on April 2013, that under Minerva’s umbrella, a top player in the FMCG industry, has taken over the digital world in a steadfast pace. Growing in content and needs, the site of Horio was seeking for more ways to handle content, along with smart solutions to show its dynamic digital character. In other words, a total reshape in areas of back/ front-end development, design and content reorganizing were more than necessary.

The goal

Develop a unique website for a brand that stands out in the Food industry which would attract attention because of three distinct reasons: the elegant, high-end aesthetic design created; the human-centric experience offered; the innovative technology implemented.

Our contribution

After a quite long period of constant research and study of numerous data, we created a stronger user-friendly website, that helped Horio reintroduce itself while offering an exceptional digital experience to the user. Here are the steps we followed:

  1. We collected useful insights that led to interesting conclusions. Then, we used these conclusions in order to make a solid strategic content planning that layered the basis of technical characteristics of the site. And finally, after having finalized the user-centric planning, we started with the implementation phase: wireframes, prototyping, UI design, front and back-end development.
  2. To continue, we created user groups, in order to have a better understanding of the route, behavior and actions the user takes on the site. This small kind-of experiment provided us with valuable information that fully optimized user’s experience.
  3. Then it was the content-related issues we had to pay particular attention to – one of this project’s biggest challenges. We built new content types upon user’s needs; we collected data from the users’ behavior and preferences so as to empower analytics (that will be providing deeper data for future upgrades and stronger UX designs); we re-edited content in order to serve the highest SEO targets that have been set.
  4. Last but not least, we focused on the quality of the digital experience the site would offer to the user: the striking UX/UI result offers a smooth experience to the user and highlights the user-first approach to the project. Horio new site is also fully responsive on mobile and tablet – this is our way to call people to take Horio with them in the kitchen, while cooking!
Design process with specific methodology and a unique look & feel

We followed a design process: starting from small elements, then escalating to bigger groups of elements, and finally resulting to whole pages, the philosophy is based on the idea that the entire site should be flexible enough to be deconstructed and restructured as one would wish, by using the exact same elements. Moreover, special widgets were added, that can be used to every page according to user’s needs.

Considering website’s look and feel, a palette of warm colours has been selected in order to draw user’s attention to the culinary experiences Horio offers; at the same time all call-to-action buttons have been coloured dark green in order to stand out amongst the other website elements. As for the typography, simple and neat typefaces were chosen, so as to be compatible with all browsers and give a clean-and-clear result - while smooth animations have been implemented in order to catch user’s eye without being in the centre of the attention.

Brand new features!
  1. Search functions at their finest: You can find exactly what you are looking for, or be offered so many suggestions in recipes and articles if you enter any word in the search box.
  2. Nice and easy recipe filters: Choose any ingredient you feel like eating or using and results will inspire you. You can actually do this every day, since there are more than a year’s worth of recipes in Horio’s site at this moment
  3. Horio’s weekly menus: every week Horio makes a delicious selection of seven recipes that create… the menu of the week! This brand new asset in Horio’s website has been created to make you experience authentic flavours as proposed by Horio.
  4. Create your own… Horio page: save your favorite recipes, print discount coupons, save the weekly recipe menu in your email – become a member in Horio’s site and learn what it feels like to be nurtured with fine tastes!
Product awareness

Users don’t have to worry which product is best for recipes and cooking in general. Each product is connected and presented in all of the site’s content – recipes, articles, how tos, sustainability, well being. Consumers are being educated in the use of products and overall health.

Συνταγές με Χωριό Καρδιά Γραβιέρας
So… time to let the journey begin!

Take a trip throughout the site and challenge yourself. Can you not get hungry? Can you stay untouched by Mediterranean flavors, colors and aromas? Receive your inspiration for a more happy living – you can find collections of recipes and menus for holidays, special occasions, parties, romantic dinners. Eating well is living well. Join us!

Design process with specific methodology and a unique look and feel
Art Direction & Web Design
Back End Development
Brand Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Content design
Front End Development
SEO strategy
UX design
July 2016
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Food & Beverage
Best Navigation/Structure
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