Documentation en temps réel et communications numériques à l’échelle mondiale

The Challenge

In view of Marina Abramovic Institute’s forthcoming exhibition, As One, – presented in Greece and being part of the Institute’s broader vision to introduce performance art to audiences all around the world- Interweave accepted the challenge ingeniously set by the Institute: communicating globally the As One exhibition, by showcasing at the same time both its local and universal character

Held at the Benaki Museum from March 10th to April 24th, 2016, with the valuable cooperation of NEON, the exhibition aspired to pique the global interest not just in physical but also in digital world, while aiming at helping foster a new generation of Greek performance artists.

The main objective was to create and implement a real time digital communications plan, that would include full coverage of the exhibition in all MAI’s digital assets; or, in other words, find the most beautiful, compelling way to translate real life energy into a memorable digital story – the As One story.


  1. set the activation’s main digital communications’ goals
  2. design the digital strategy serving the goals as set above, in the most effective way;
  3. define with accuracy the main content pillars according to which all As-One-related communication would be conducted;
  4. select the best tools to monitor and report on the whole venture


And, all the above, with the project’s preparation and immersion phase having extremely tight deadlines.

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The As One experience:

Also framed and supported by the Abramovic Method and an extensive public program of lectures, workshops, discussions and other public participatory events, six Greek long-durational performance artists and twenty three Greeks and international ones focusing on intervention performances, constituted the core experience offered in the exhibition; an exhibition owing its singularity to the unique way its three key-components (the artists, the visitors and the place hosting it) were interacting during all these seven weeks.

Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, the pieces – the artists, the visitors themselves kept evolving through this interaction, generating an exceptional kind of energy that transformed the exhibition into an exceptional soul cleansing experience. And that was exactly the bet we had to win: communicate this constant evolvement to MAI’s digital community, all over the world, without losing the minimum of its emotional intensity.

What We Did:

Due to the large scope of the project and its short preparation period, we set a strict work framework in order to better organize the work that was to be done:

1. Immersion, Strategy & Planning:

Extended immersion sessions were required, so as for the Institute’s philosophy and vision to be integrated to the project’s communications’ strategy in the most solid and effective way. For this exact same reason, thorough analysis of the project’s specific characteristics that made it special for the Institute’s organized events so far, was also required. However, the most challenging part was finding the strategic angle to translate real life energy generated on-site into a memorable digital story – capable of attracting users’ attention and provoking intense emotions.

as one performance
perfomance art

3. Social Listening, Monitoring & Analytics:

Strong supporters of the belief that an effective digital communications strategy is highly related to what do people say online, we gave special attention to that specific aspect: for seven weeks, 24 hours a day, our social listening, monitoring and analytics team was recording what people, globally, thought, felt, shared online about the As One exhibition – data and insights, useful both for constantly improving the communication implemented in all MAI’s social media channels and illustrating the digital impact that the As One experience had on all audiences worldwide.

Real Time Documentation and Global Digital Communications
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Global Digital Communications Strategy
Monitoring & Analytics Reporting
March 10th - April 24th, 2016
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Words written, translated, copied, checked, proofed
photos and visual items checked, selected, approved
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